BSA only install quality systems that are recognised as being fit for purpose by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the main regulators of the security industry. Our installations are also closely monitored by us through our quality management procedure (ISO9001), ensuring that the customer benefits from a quality product and service.

BSA provide a range of devices and systems that can be tailored to your individual needs for both residential and commercial properties. We will survey your property in order to suggest the right security system for you. We are approved installers for Texecom, Risco, Scantronic and Pyronix who all produce a wide range of high quality products. The systems can be installed with very little impact to the property and our engineers work with a high level of care and attention to detail to ensure that the installation is to the highest standard.

  • Movement Detector’s (PIR’s) – Pet-friendly detectors can also be used, whereby small pets remain undetected while the alarm is set.
  • Contact’s – Used on doors and windows to detect entry to the property.
  • Shock Sensor’s – Used to detect high vibration levels caused by forced entry on a door or window.
  • Break-glass Detector’s – For detecting the sound of glass breaking.
  • Panic Alarm’s – Fixed or mobile personal alarms that immediately sound the bell or call the police.
  • Other safety devices – Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors can be linked to the alarm so that the bell is sounded or monitoring station alerted if there is any potential danger.

BSA also offer a variety of different responses should your alarm be activated.

  • Bells only – When a device is triggered the outside bell makes a loud noise and the strobe within the bell box flashes to attract attention.
  • Speech Dialler – When the alarm is activated the alarm makes a call from your telephone line to a key holder of the property to make them aware that the alarm is sounding. If the person doesn’t respond the speech dialler can dial further numbers. This is also available with text options.
  • Signalled system – When the alarm is activated it sends a message over your telephone line and / or a mobile network to a call centre, who in turn contact key holders to the property and / or the police.

Systems such as Pyronix Cloud and Texecom Connect can connect to your router to allow you to receive notifications direct to your smart phone or tablet, updating you immediately if the alarm has been activated, as well as allowing you to securely and remotely access and programme the system.

To ensure that your intruder alarm system functions correctly it is important to maintain the system. We offer two levels of maintenance contracts or one-off servicing depending on your needs.

If you would like a quotation, BSA will conduct a free survey at your property where we will discuss your requirements. We will then tailor our quotation according to the type of property you have and your individual needs.Contact Us


  • Intruder and Burglar Alarms